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Extrugasa, more than 50 years of experiencie in the manufacture of aluminum

With headquarters in Valga, 640 employees and 170,000 square meters of land, of which 84,000 are covered with 24 industrial buildings linked to each other to facilitate the production processes in modules, the flagship of Grupo Quintá has the most advanced technological systems in the sector // It has eleven delegations in Spain and presence in countries all around the world

ECG  | 07.02.2017 
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Recognized as one of the number top players in Europe in its sector; Extrugasa is a modern enterprise, example of the industrial spirit based on the reinvestment of its benefits. With 640 employees and 170,000 square meters of land, of which 84,000 square meters are covered with twenty-four industrial buildings linked to each other and dedicated to aluminum in all its variants. Extrugasa stands as the fundamental pillar of the conglomerate of companies that make up the Quintá Group. It is a multinational company based in the town of Valga, Pontevedra that since 1963 has been characterized by innovating in its manufacture, using the most advanced technology in each process, which has allowed them to anticipate the demand for new finishes, designs and trends In aluminum.

This Galician company offers a rigorous selection of the best raw materials, providing to its clients "the highest quality and ensuring the future", they point out from Extrugasa. This allows them to manufacture 7,600 different profiles and have more than 9,300 matrices.
Its modern facilities are made up of state-of-the-art technology: it currently has three horizontal lacquering plants, one of them up to 14 meters and a vertical lacquering plant. It has four fully automatic anodized plants with a capacity of more than 200,000 amps, one of them up to 14 meters, for the anodizing of special colors: blue, titanium, green, copper, bronze and gold, among others. The company also has fourteen machining centers to produce from small pieces of 20 millimeters up to 15 meters, as well as stamping and other modern techniques.

Extrugasa is present in  Spain through its own eleven warehouses, it also has two commercial offices in Germany and Brazil, and exports 70 per cent of its production to several countries around the world.

All of its products are covered by quality seals: QUALICOAT (lacquered product seal), QUALANOD (anodized product seal, QUALIDECO (wood product seal), ISO 9001 (environmental quality management certificate), ISO 14001 ( Certificate of environmental management) and by UNE EN 15088 (a certificate that allows CE marking on those aluminum profiles for structural building applications, including also civil Works and other types of buildings).

The Quintá Group also takes very into account its surroundings, reason why it has a very rigorous environmental policy. "We have a sewage treatment plant with a treat capacity of 90,000 liters per hour, which doubles the capacity of regeneration of the wastewater flow that occurs in the different sections of the factory," they point out, at the same time adding that " We also apply a severe recycling policy. According to European regulations, we have the highest environmental management system for environmental audits and the IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control), as well as sealed pH control machines installed at the water outlet of the purification plant controlled by an external company ".

With the aim of modernizing and promoting the development of aquaculture, promoting the sustainable exploitation of marine resources and the expansion of products in international markets, the Quintá Group launched in 2002 the company Extrumar. A firm that develops floating and submersible structures for the production and cultivation of all marine species, and has generated patents in more than 56 countries. The company has been awarded the 2006 Galicia Research Prize, given by the Ministry of Innovation and Industry of Spain.
Extrumar develops projects of submersible floating structures from 0 to 5 meters and adjustable to any depth dimension; Built with 100% recyclable materials: naval steel, naval aluminum or high density polyethylene (HDPE); Adaptable to different cropping systems: ropes, cages, etc .; different species: molluscs (mussel, oyster, clams, scallops, sea ear ...), octopus, fish, algae and all kinds of marine species; And also to various measures: 20x27 meters, 13x13 meters, 12x10, etc .; In block or in several extensible and articulated modules.
One of the objectives is to achieve the highest safety in the work tasks in accordance with EU regulations: non-slip and wide pass streets, always working with metal or fiber grilles, wave guard rails and that have the possibility of anchoring harness are some of the iniciatives the group has implemented .

With the platforms of Extrumar the production areas can be decongested, taking the crop to more open areas (off-shore). Another possible use of these platforms would be for the tourist sector, serving as the base for the construction of leisure facilities on the sea: bars, restaurants, yacht clubs, etc .; thanks to the enormous capability of supporting weights of up to 80 tons.

The origins of Andrés Quintá Cortiñas, president of the Quinta Group of which Extrugasa is part, are in the rural Galicia where he learned the basis of the cult of work and effort. "I was born in a house of farmers, carpenters and other woodwork jobs in Arretén, parish of Iria Flavia, municipality of Padron. I grew up in the discipline of hard work and very young, at the age of fourteen, I entered as a blacksmith apprentice in a forge, "explains Quintá.

Other times he most fondly remembered was his passing through the military service, "where I was assigned to a motor vehicle workshop / academy in Madrid and I graduated with honors. At the end of that same year, 1962, I enrolled in the Navy; Embarking in San Sebastian as an oiler on a fishing boat, a hard and dangerous job that made me aware of the need to establish myself. At the end of 1963 I created a forging workshop and, with the important help of my collaborators, I was raising up the companies that today form the group ", Quintá says in a conversation about his life and professional career the two words that define his philosophy Of life: work and education.

This indefatigable fighter, after more than half a century accumulating professional and personal experiences, can affirm that "youth is the seed of the future. Life is a difficult journey that must be undertaken with continuous and unstoppable teachings, based on successes and failures, as learning is fundamental to form people and companies. Therefore, during my years in the industrial business, I have always transmitted my humble knowledge to hundreds of workers. To them I have contributed my experience and knowledge, giving rise to many industrialists and technicians of great value and loyalty to the work ".

"Extrugasa sows, therefore we do not destroy the seed. It is said that bad is the teeth that eats the seed, "Quintá said while adding that," the company today, is a world reference in the aluminum sector. We were the initiators in Galicia of an activity with great demand of future, that generates stability and jobs. Activity that we have been expanding through the invention of exclusive patents and industrial models, which have made us present today in the five continents. "

His entrepreneurial success led this country man, born in the land of Rosalia, to become a complete philanthropist. It collaborates with numerous groups, associations, sports clubs and traditional/gastronomic events, in the recovery of the cultural and historical heritage of the area and also with charitable organizations. The truth is that the social and altruistic commitment of the president and founder of the Quintá Group is notorious in the region; Making it worthy of great recognition in the world of industry, economy, sport world and society in general.